We are very sorry that there are long delays with Hydro-Turf orders.

These hold-ups are due to a combination of factors including material shortages, Covid related staffing issues, a huge increase in product demand and a recent factory move.

Hydro-Turf have confirmed that they are working hard to clear the backlog but unfortunately we have no control over these unprecedented lead times.

Please be assured that delivering your order is our priority. We know that changing delivery dates are extremely frustrating. It is proving to be incredibly difficult to get regular and accurate updates from the production team at Hydro-Turf but the information below is the most up to date.

We apologise for the delays.

Team N&C

NOTE: The information below is the latest estimated update from Hydro-Turf. This is subject to change without notice and may still be subject to international shipping delays. Once your order is received by us it will be processed and shipped within one working day.


Orders confirmed - after 18/08:
Expected mid/late November